Orlando is a true businessman with well-developed communication skills and a comprehensive understanding of money management. He is a believer in free enterprise and an enthusiastic promoter of the entrepreneurial spirit which exists in all human beings.

A master in the field of sales and the psychology of marketing, Orlando has made a career of selling a wide variety of products and services, as well as recruiting, managing and motivating sales personnel.

Orlando is a real estate specialist who has regularly invested in property since the age of 18. He has been self-employed buying, selling, and trading his own properties since 1994. He has five years experience specializing in commercial real estate and has worked as the key man/sales director for two major land developers. Orlando has been personally involved in the sale of approximately 1,000 pieces of real estate.

He recently spent five years writing and producing his own CD entitled ‘Comes a Salesman.’ Orlando is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and composer of each song. A second album of his original works is under way.

Orlando has traveled extensively and now spends four months of the year wintering in Mexico. He is an avid student of philosophy, human relationships, alternative health care and the natural healing of the body. Since 1988, Orlando has been writing his own self-help books. He is available as a public speaker on a wide variety of topics, and as a life skills or business coach.

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Todd ORLANDO Perusini
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Vernon, B.C., Canada V1H 2B4
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