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Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to introduce my music and for taking the time to listen to these original tunes.

I have created a CD called “Comes A Salesman”. The most applicable genre for this music is Adult Contemporary – Folk Rock with a slant towards Blues & Country. The album contains 16 songs with unique subject matter that is true to the real world. For example, there are four songs that relate to sales and marketing, which is a field that employs 30% of the total work force!

The CD combines toe-tapping rhythms, catchy hooks, and disciplined musicianship. There are creative arrangements and a variety of meaningful messages that reach out to the masses. Each song is a committed piece of work, written to stand the test of time.

Unlike most CD’s, choosing the best song(s) has been difficult, as there are several worthy cuts.

A detailed survey of the album shows that the average listener likes nine songs and chose three of them to be a potential hit! As well, almost every song (14 of them) received votes for being the best one on the CD.


1) Lessons in Romance: a powerful love ballad with nostalgic lyrics.
2) Tax Man Blues: a rebellious but fun poke at the tax system. Walking major blues.
3) Goin’ Fishin’: a country folk song about North America’s favorite leisure-time activity among men.
4) No Mumbo Jumbo: a reggae song that sums up the important characteristics of a good salesperson.
5) The Huckster: a Latin soft-rock tune about the things we buy and the stories we’re told.
6) Self-Love: an emotional acoustic rock composition.
7) It Don’t Float: a rhythm & blues commentary about some of North America’s greatest social problems.
8) Comes A Salesman: a light rock tune with a strong and steady groove.
9) B.C. Joyride: a driving, brassy, rock anthem about the Province of British Columbia.
10) Double Bogey Blues: a hopeful blues song about everything that can go wrong in a game of golf.

“Comes A Salesman” is a specialty item. There is nothing quite like it!
You will find it most enjoyable while driving in your car. I would greatly appreciate and respect any comments and feedback that you or your associates might provide.


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