This song was written and performed by a B.C. artist with the hopes of making a positive contribution to the people and province of British Columbia:

• To help foster patriotism and pride in our homeland.
The song reminds British Columbians of the lifestyle we share and all the good things this province has to offer.

• To assist in the promotion of tourism for all areas of B.C. by heightening awareness of the beauty, splendor and scope of this province. The song proclaims B.C. as an idyllic holiday destination and invites the out-of-province traveler to visit and have fun here. “B.C. Joyride” encourages residents as well, to consider “staying home” for a first class vacation. An important, positive message is passed on to the listener in a way that differs from typical commercial advertising.

• To aid the province in attracting new business and those people who are considering retirement here.

• To help gain genuine support for public events that represent B.C. such as professional sports, trade shows, musical festivals, cultural exhibitions, etc.

In Orlando’s words, ”This song was conceived while casually studying a United States map during a long drive from Canada to Mexico. While looking at the various cities, towns, states, and even geographical areas, I came to realize that an overwhelming number of songs have been written about places in the USA. And yet, on all of my trips abroad, or on any one of my visits to a US state, I have always been reminded of the beauty and splendor of B.C., and how fortunate we are to be living in this corner of the world. This majestic province is truly one of the most breathtaking places on earth and well deserving of a song or two. The people of B.C. deserve an anthem of their own, and now is the time.”

Musically, this upbeat song was created with the aim of being particularly enjoyable while listening to it while driving in a motor vehicle. It goes well with a free-flowing vacation-style attitude. With the exception of the words “B.C.” and “Vancouver”, it is hoped that any listener, residing anywhere will be able to relate to the lyrics and find pleasure in the music.

To the Province of British Columbia,
to the people of this land,
to those who have visited,
to those who will come, and
to Mother Earth,

I present… “B.C. JOYRIDE

Words and music by Todd ORLANDO Perusini

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