"Well researched and planned. Excellent production quality. Unique baby boomer bonanza!"

Brian Clark (dentist)

"These are all very worthy songs! Almost impossible to pick a favorite. I will cherish listening to the whole album."

John Noren (musician & salesman)

"Powerful messages. Well thought out."

Darren Jacklin (professional speaker)

"This is one of the few CDs that I want other people to own."

Bruce Harker (self-employed organic farmer)

"We like your music. You've got something to say. Most songs are just mush."

Danielle & Amanda DaSilva (age 10 & 11)

"Your CD is very well mixed and balanced. It sounds professional, not like an independent. Therefore, it is very accessible to radio."

Tony Abiad (concert promoter & musician)

"I can't wait to listen to it again. It's a great work-out CD."

Julie Sargent

"I was surprised that your CD was sooooooooo good! I wasn't prepared for this."

Kathie Baker (self-employed sales)

"Every man should hear the song Lessons In Romance."

Debbie Noren (school teacher)

"Much better than the average available."

Doug Lemiski (lawyer)

"I like every song on the CD. There is absolute clarity to your music and the lyrics."

Walter Regier (retired businessman)


Bud Bremner (Coastal Mastering Studios)

"A good mixture of songs."

Jenna Short (age 12)

"Every psychologist should own the song 'Self-Love,' and give it out to every patient."

Joe Dorval (alcohol & drug counsellor)

"Very good, professional energy."

Glen Haley (computer-related sales)

"Great sound and interesting lyrics. A nice change!"

Shirley Clark (pharmacist)

"One of the most excellently produced CDs I've ever heard."

Marc Demers (landscaper)

“Orlando’s CD is like a fungus – it grows on you.”

Bill Jones (Boogie Boarding Buddy)

“You can sing along to Orlando’s songs, even though you’ve never heard them before.”

Lynn Langois

“I really like/love your music. The CD has a Nashville sound.”

Donna Robertson (self-employed hairdresser)

“A great accomplishment.”

Gary Jeanotte (salesman)


The most common comment after the listener has owned Orlando’s CD for one year:

“I play it regularly, as much as any of my favorites. The whole album is good and the songs flow well together."