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Orlando is a singer/songwriter who has pursued music as a serious hobby for over twenty years. During that time he created a lifestyle that enabled him the freedom and flexibility to travel, write, and produce his own collection of songs.

Orlando has performed at a variety of casual, formal and special events, and has organized and promoted amateur entertainers. Since the age of 19, he has wintered in the tropics and now performs regularly while on vacation in Mexico.

Working patiently, 3 days a week, for five years, he completed his first CD. The album, “Comes A Salesman” is a collection of 16 songs with unique subject matter that is true to the real world.

Orlando is a master in the field of sales and the psychology of marketing. His entrepreneurial spirit was first harnessed by his father, who began directing him into various small business projects when he was a young boy. Orlando has made a career of selling a wide variety of products and services, as well as recruiting, managing and motivating sales personnel. Since 1994 he has been self-employed buying, selling and trading his own real estate.

Orlando is an avid student of philosophy, human relationships, and natural health care, and is currently in the process of writing several self-help books. He is available as a public speaker and/or performer for sales groups, or for any other life skills seminar. As well, a second CD of his original songs is underway.

“Comes A Salesman” makes a musical pitch…

“The number one occupation on the planet, in terms of numbers employed, is in sales and marketing. These people collectively represent 30% of the total workforce, and to my knowledge there is not a single song that adequately covers this topic.” …Orlando

“And yet, millions of dollars have been made on songs about truck driving, largely due to the fact that drivers of all sorts account for the second most popular type of work.”

“All types of business, whether private enterprise or government run, are basically doing one thing – they are selling products and/or services, and every economy, large or small, is based on this form of activity. There are a lot of men and women out there marketing, promoting, retailing, advertising, brokering, representing, distributing, dispensing, trading or vending something. The whole idea of buying and selling plays a huge role in our lives, and more money is spent on marketing than any other business activity. But rarely, if ever, has this subject matter been put to music”, explains Orlando.

The resulting CD, “Comes A Salesman” contains four songs that cover this topic.

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